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“If you want to be a teacher you got to teach with a mind that still learns,
If you want to be a preacher you got to preach with a heart that still yearns.”

-Coco Love Alcorn

Zoe Eakle, RPC Open Sky Counselling, Victoria B.C.

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor, with the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association as well as a group facilitator and educator. I also work in collaboration with children, parents, and teachers as a Special Ed Assistant for the Victoria School Board.

I volunteer as a therapist with Citizen’s Counselling Centre and have also volunteered with Family Roots, Victoria Boys and Girls Club and Power to Be through their outdoor family adventure therapy program.

My counselling training took place at a cutting edge transpersonal counselling psychology school in Langley B.C. called Clearmind International.

A love of people, a seekers heart, and a curious nature have led to the creation of my own counselling practice. My own journey has been informed in part by a childhood that involved parental divorce and blended families with a wide span of distance between them. I grew up thinking that it wasn’t safe to need people too much and that if was perfect enough I wouldn’t. It was a belief I would need to reconcile.

I did my undergrad in performance in Toronto and later turned to yoga and meditation in search of meaning and connection. I travelled to India to study and I designed and taught classes, workshops, and retreats in yoga and meditation for many years.

Eventually I became aware that what nourished me most in all these pursuits were relationships. I have worked hard to honour this basic human need in myself. Asking others for help has become an act of courage and learning to believe in my own worth and ability has allowed me to build relationships I trust. We’re all in this together. As we begin to realize that we’re not alone our fears start to drop away, our courage grows and we are willing to take more risks. As our courage grows, our hearts expand and there is far more room for possibility.

This is a wonderful process to be a part of and I feel blessed to be in this profession. It is a gift to be trusted with hopes, fears and dreams, and powerful to be reminded of our interconnection and impact on each other. No matter what struggles my clients come with, their stories enrich my life and the path we travel together is a gift.

“Zoë has the biggest most loving heart of the many counselors I’ve had the privilege to meet. She is patient, kind, attentive and thoughtful. She won’t rush your process, nor will she let you stay stuck in whatever dilemma you may find yourself. She will gently, yet firmly, guide you towards seeing the truth of who you are and help you stay on track as you move forward in your life. Zoë is a highly skilled and creative therapist. I highly recommend her counselling services if you want to live your life to the fullest.”
-Edel Walsh, MFA, RPC

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