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Individual Counselling with Open Sky Counselling, Victoria B.C.

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Suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression?

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or unfulfilled?

Seeking meaningful change?

Looking for support?

Counselling can help!


When Can Individual Counselling Help?

If you are feeling the symptoms of depression or anxiety or are simply having trouble enjoying life, if you are struggling to manage stress and want to feel more grounded and sure of yourself or are struggling to come to peace with past events in your life, if you long to fulfill goals and dreams but struggle with obstacles and anxiety counseling can help.

How Individual Counselling Can Help

Clarity, self-confidence and joy create positive change.

We will examine and explore the many resources you already have within you as well as the places you feel stuck. As we work together we will explore your challenges and what you are believing in the middle of them. If you are ready to develop a deep and dependable trust in yourself no matter what changes may come then now is the time to begin.

The Gift of Change

Change invites you to let go of who you think we are and begin to explore how capable you actually are. For the vast majority of us, this is a much larger vision of ourselves than we currently hold. Whether we are addicted to change or terrified of it, the times that cause us to look deeper within are ripe for embracing our own wisdom and making that our guiding light.

“Zoe was a faithful traveling companion on a journey into places I hadn't dared to face alone. When I came to where I would usually get stuck I knew what next steps to take. The relationship I formed with her was a building block to where I am now. I feel more capable in the face of challenges and more connected to others.”
-Former Client, Vancouver, BC

“The most common reason we stumble into the delusion of powerlessness is that we’re afraid of what other people would do if we were to act as we wanted.”
-Martha Beck

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